Japanese Project Promotion Vehicle in the Far East LLC signed Cooperation Agreement with Japanese company, Prospect Co., Ltd.

Japanese Project Promotion Vehicle in the Far East Limited Liability Company (JPPV) signed on June 19 a Cooperation Agreement with Prospect Co., Ltd.. The Cooperation Agreement is to enhance closer relationship between JPPV and Prospect Co., Ltd. on working together through the exchange of advice and knowledge in connection with the preparation and implementation of investment projects in the Russian Far East.

Prospect Co., Ltd. is Japanese company expressing interest in participation in project relating to wood pellets production, implementing in Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZ) of Russian Far East.

JPPV was established on 14 March 2018 as a joint venture company co-founded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the Far East Investment and Export Agency and the Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund aiming to support Japanese companies in starting their business in Russia and promoting projects planned to be implemented in Russian Far East to potential Japanese investors.

The cooperation between JPPV and Prospect Co., Ltd. will become a practical step forward in enhancement of activity of Japanese investors in Russian Far East using opportunities of ASEZ and contribute to further deepening of economic relations between Japan and Russi